Elevated Skin Temperature Scanning Application

The application has been developed in South Africa by Stone Holdings and will be available on the Play Store – compatible with both Cat S60 and Cat S61 smartphones (and in time adapted for Cat S62pro). The purpose of the platform is to facilitate an effective, reliable and easily deployable thermal screening solution to discern and identify elevated skin temperature (EST) humans. Further, an optional bolt on for the platform will transmit pertinent, statistical data about EST incidents to a secure server for trend analysis purposes and be able to provide an automated HR reporting system for staff entering business premises in line with the Government issued Regulations in terms of Disaster Management and to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The app adapts the FLIR camera in the Cat S60 range of devices to a novel dual screening methodology using both relative temperature and thermal pattern analysis. Using this methodology common challenges of infra-red thermography in temperature tolerance and inaccuracy are overcome.