Portable Infrared thermometer

Facing the sudden epidemic situation, all walks of life are striving to use the specialty to help fight the epidemic. Body temperature measurement and personnel tracking are important means of preventing and controlling the epidemic. With the resumption of work in various places, office buildings, parks and other work places have long queues for measuring body temperature. How to not only complete the temperature investigation, but also reduce the impact on people’s normal work and life, and avoid the risk of virus transmission caused by queuing temperature measurement, has become an important demand in the process of social resumption.

Committed to high-tech enterprises in the field of smart phones and big data statistics, Haikanghua Medical Device Company, a subsidiary of Hajie Group, has launched a new integrated solution for temperature-controlled pedestrian passages, which can be applied to entrances and exits in key areas such as communities, parks, stations, and hospital. The personnel carry out body temperature monitoring and intelligent analysis to realize the functions of “non-contact”, “precise temperature measurement”, “high temperature warning”, and “fast passage”, and provide effective and intelligent solutions for epidemic prevention and control.